Monday, April 20, 2009


As I try to get inspiration for my advertising project on promoting a pro and con for a political issue, I decided to search for some really powerful ads on social issues. We see tons of ads on TV over different issues from smoking to drinking and driving. Some of the ads have come from different groups like “infect truth”. When a commercial has a really strong impact on your emotions I feel it becomes successful. I posted some ads that were really powerful and had a strong message. Some of them are real tearjerkers haha.

A very strong commercial I had seen on TV about anorexia.

A very sad and creative commercial on brain cancer.

An ad for unicef and Aids in Ethiopia.

This last one is an ad about helping abandoned kids and is very creative.


  1. I was fortunate enough for Henry to show me these ads in class. I think he did that because he wanted to see me cry. The ads are not only creative, but they also convey powerful messages that evolve as the ads go on. They bring to light very important issues, and in a way that it memorable. Next time, bring tissue to class okay Henry?

  2. Extremely emotional cilps here! At first you just think yes, anorexia because the girl looks in the mirror, unhappy with her body. She looks normal in size but then you see the camera pull back and in reality comes to view. WOW! This shows how how people with eating disorders view themselves in a different sense that others see. Their reality is totally different from others. Sad but true issues.

  3. Such powerful ads you gathered Henry. The abandon children clip really got to me because I am extremely sensitive to anything involving the innocence of children. When I see these ads with powerful messages I really hope that people respond to it in a positive way.