Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lego's Stretching The Imagination

A really good example of an ad campaign that is simple yet effective is the one by Lego. The idea is what made this ad successful. It is so simple and clean yet gets the message across so well. All the ad depicts is simple Legos put together to resemble a boat or a dinosaur. The reason I love this ad is because the shadow conveys the child’s (or adult’s) imagination. The Lego could be as simple as two pieces of blocks put together but the shadow captures the essence of what Lego is all about, imagination. It is so effortless but the message is so strong. There is no tagline just a simple image and the Lego logo. One of the most effective, and simplistic ad’s I’ve seen.

Here are some other ads by Lego.

"Builders of Tomorrow"


  1. Definitely creative, simple and clean! I'm always amazed of the things people can create with legos, especially at Legoland. The last example you have posted is so clean with a black background, a simple phrase yet it has so much meaning that you just get the message immediately.

  2. I love what Legos, and this advertisement, represent. It's about letting your imagination run wild and allowing your creativity to flow without being filtered. You can put a bucket of Legos in front of a kid and they can play with it for hours. Even if what they build is unrecognizable, to them they're playing with cars, houses, submarines, etc and that's why these ads are so awesome. It's not so much about what you see in the bricks. It's about what you imagine the bricks are. As designers we can take a lot of tips from kids in how to think in imaginative and playful ways.

  3. I am so amazed of how much creativity that they bring to the world. Only four to five pieces of blocks can create so many different things. Kids really improve their creativity and imagination while they are playing with these blocks.